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Expressive & Creative Punctuation

National Punctuation Day 2014 It’s National Punctuation Day!  We wanted a special way to celebrate this day – and what a better way than to use punctuation as part of a creative project!  Sure, punctuation is important.  It allows someone to express themselves through the written word – and actually get their point across!  See what I did there? Today is a playful holiday.  National Punctuation Day is celebrated every …Read More

What makes us different? Being Creative.

Express & Create prides itself on being a community-based, welcoming environment.  We offer a judgement-free zone for people of all ages to creatively express themselves on a regular basis.  Not only will we be offering step-by-step painting classes, we have expanded our involvement in art to include crafts and other creative projects.  We are more than excited to be new to the neighborhood and can already tell that others are …Read More