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What makes us different? Being Creative.

Express & Create prides itself on being a community-based, welcoming environment.  We offer a judgement-free zone for people of all ages to creatively express themselves on a regular basis.  Not only will we be offering step-by-step painting classes, we have expanded our involvement in art to include crafts and other creative projects.  We are more than excited to be new to the neighborhood and can already tell that others are just as excited to have us here.  We have several services available for any needs you or your business may have.

We are young and innovative members of the community with fresh ideas and a hungry appetite for success.  We are eager to become a stop on any person’s journey to reconnect with their creative side.  We know how important career and family are to people – but we also know how much someone can benefit from personal growth.  Being a happier person and being comfortable with yourself will only make you shine that much more in other areas of your life.  “We are most happy when we are being creative”.  So many people forget how freeing and special it is to be a part of creating something bigger than themselves.  Putting a smile on someones face as they realize their full potential creatively is something that we take to heart.  Our ideas are new and exciting and we can’t wait to share everything with all of you.

Contact us today to find out what Express & Create can do for you!