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Birthday Party

Here is a chance to really get creative.  Is your child’s birthday coming up?  I bet they have a favorite book, movie, or character and they are asking for a special themed birthday party.  Express & Create can make that happen!  We can offer several different packages based on the number of guests and type of event.  We can offer a painting party where your child and their friends can be taught a step-by-step painting of one of their favorite characters…or even just something that embraces the theme you are going for!  olaf

We can also offer craft classes.  Perhaps your young child is looking for a special princess party.  I can imagine guests would love creating tiaras, wands, or even drawing their favorite princesses!  Maybe your child is looking for a tea party – why not have guests paint a custom teacup at this event!  Perhaps your child loves legos – well we can facilitate a lego building competition for guests at the party.  Looking for something a little more active?  We can help facilitate a small scavenger hunt for guests to participate in while at the event.  As with all of our events, the possibilities are endless.  We would love to hear what type of theme you are thinking about and discuss ways Express & Create can make this birthday a very special one.

Contact us here today to start planning the best birthday party in town!