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Corporate Events

From team building or moral boosting to employee appreciation parties…Express & Create is the perfect fit.  We can accommodate corporate events with large or small groups for a great night of painting, crafting, or drawing for you and your employees.   Please contact us here with more information about your group size, type of event, and we will get back to you to start planning the event!

This is a great way to remind your employees that having fun and being creative are keys to success. Your employees can learn more about themselves and each other in a creative environment.  Everyone will be amazed at what they can create – especially those that have never picked up a paint brush!  Our instructor will teach the attendees how to paint the piece step by step.  Each attendee will leave the event with a beautiful piece that they created – and hopefully hang up at the office!

Beyond painting parties, Express & Create can come up with something custom for your business.  Lots of businesses hold annual training events for their employees.  Let’s be honest, most employees want to be trained at their craft, but are also bored with the idea of an entire day of training.  Why not make the event more about team building and morale boosting?  Positive morale in the workplace could be the most important part about conducting business.  Happy employees make happy customers.  Let’s take a few hours out of your day of training to create a creative and happy environment for your employees to flourish, become closer, and ultimately enjoy their day of learning.

We would love to start planning your event with you today.  We look forward to hearing from you.