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Craft Class


Have a group of people who love being creative but aren’t exactly sure where to start?  We would love to help!  Express & Create can come to your home where you would host a Mobile Craft Class for you and your friends or family.  Possibilities for Craft Class are endless.

Any craft you can think of, we would love to help your group create it!foil-line-painting

Once a party is booked and we have decided on a craft for the night, we will have all of the supplies ready. Pricing will depend on the number of people and type of craft.  Please contact us here and give us more information about your ideas and we can get you pricing and availability information.


Express & Create is the perfect location for your group to create an amazing and unique craft.  Studio craft class can be completely customized based on your interests!  We can arrange your event once you pick a date and collaborate to pick the best craft option for your group.  We can host children or adult crafts here in the space.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafts.  I’m sure most of you have looked through Pinterest and seen something you would love to create…but maybe don’t have a space in your home, and don’t have the time to run around and get all the supplies.  That is where we come in!  We are here and would be happy to provide you with all of the supplies needed for any craft you can imagine!  Let’s get creative 🙂