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Open Studio

Open Studio at Express & Create is something that we are very excited about.  Express & Create is all about community.  Open Studio time really allows us to explore those options.  We are looking into offering an after school program by partnering with local schools in North Providence and surrounding areas.  Already we have had many students and young artists come by our space to show us their art!  We hope to help them grow as artists and as young members of our community.  We are working on a Gallery Night where students and local artists can display their artwork in our studio while we host an open house event – hoping members of the community and beyond will come view their work.

Don't quit your Daydream

Offering Open Studio time is something we hope everyone in our area will embrace as we have.  Many of our craft and special events are all based on an open studio policy.  We are available in the space for a block of time and we welcome walk ins and attendees to come participate in events when it is most convenient for them!  Our schedule of events will only keep expanding – and we want to hear from YOU to let us know which type of crafts and events you would like to see at our space.  We welcome suggestions and opportunities to collaborate with neighboring businesses and organizations to help grow our community and celebrate creativity.