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ZenDoodle Tutorial

ZenDoodles, Zentangles, Doodles….

These are a creative way to spend some time.  These pieces take longer to create as they are a bit more intricate and require some thinking – but for someone who enjoys puzzles and patterns, a ZenDoodle Tutorial is the perfect class for you.  This type of event is set up as more of an open studio concept.  We will have a window of time blocked off for people to come visit our studio and get started on a special ZenDoodle piece.  You can come to the studio at any point during this block of time and begin your ZenDoodle!  This tutorial will include a special 8×8 canvas, markers, pens, and a ruler.  In the studio, we also have several other tools that you might find helpful to use when creating your piece.  These other tools are all available at no cost to you.ZenDoodle Tutorial

During this type of tutorial, the instructor will show each attendee how to start their ZenDoodle, giving tips along the way, and the rest is up to your creative mind!  Each piece will most likely be completely different – unless someone wanted to use the instructors piece as a guideline.  These pieces are completed on either an 8×8 canvas (other size canvases are available) or paper from a sketch notebook. Creating multiple 8×8 canvas pieces would look fantastic hung up near each other on a wall in your home.  These types of open studio events are an excellent way to spend a few hours a week working on your ZenDoodle project.  These pieces make amazing gifts because of the availability to customize so many different parts of these drawings.  How exciting to create something you never knew you could do!  You can see some examples of these doodles here

Check out our calendar here to see when our ZenDoodle Tutorial events are available and reserve your spot today!

Come visit us soon for a ZenDoodle Tutorial!