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ZenDoodles / ZenTangles

Below are some Zen / Flow Doodles created by Express & Create!  These are some examples of our work that we would be more than happy to bring with us for your Mobile Zen Doodle event!  Learn how to create your own masterpiece during a ZenDoodle Event.  We will bring our examples and help you create your own special drawing!  This type of event is great for someone who has an interest in drawing or puzzles.  These are created a small section at a time, and everyone is encouraged to come up with new patterns or use something from one of our examples!  You will truly be impressed with yourself when you complete your ZenDoodle.

We all deal with stress differently, that is a given.  We would love to share this special art with you and help you and your guests unwind while creating something amazing.  This is a great event to break up any stressful week – or to enjoy a weekend night.